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This is the Tranquility Online project ("tranq-online")

This project is hosted by The project team describes it as:

Similar to Eve online but some major differences Implement 2 different drive types, Fluid dynamics like eve online, and Full physics so you can move in one direction and spin your ship to put your guns on an enemy, Weapons will have arcs Wormholes connect galaxies to each other, Some wormholes are to alternate universes, Complete sandbox, make your own stations, systems and support fleets, More capability to take space from NPC as well as thrust out into uncharted space. Plan to add Civ 5 style planetary management in the future if it picks up. Interstellar Police Force will be able to respond at falling rates dependant on your distance from the Police Bases. No hidden observers, Distress Calls need to be sent by the agressed pilot. the plan is also to have LUA based addons allowing interface customisation, Back and front end using C# The project will be being driven by BDD/TDD agile practices and

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